All students are encouraged to study Ballet because it is the foundation of all dance forms. All students are taught the importance of proper technique including body alignment, flexibility, and terminology. The class will consist of barre exercises, stretching, adagio, petite and grand allegro.

Basic tap steps, progressions and terminology are built upon each week. Class consists of warm-up, tap-technique, progressions and routines. Student’s ability to understand and count music will be enhanced.

Many styles of jazz are explored through warm-ups, isolations, stretching, footwork, progressions, turns leaps and combinations. Styles include lyrical, theatrical and classical.

Exploration of dance through emotion; designed to develop poise, grace, and strength.

Hip Hop
A funky, modern upbeat class, less emphasis is placed on technique than in a jazz class. Hip-hop style, “music video” music. Current dance styles are explored.

Beginner, intermediate and Advanced classes offered. Gymnastic programs incorporate dance to enhance grace and movement. Students are placed into classes based on abilities

Pre-School Fun 1  (3 & 4 yrs)
Having fun using the element of time, space and energy. This class incorporates tap, ballet, tumbling, parachute activities and interacting with others.

Pre-School Fun 2  (ages 4 & 5)
An introduction to tap and ballet in a more structured setting. Creative activities that challenge their motor skills, listening skills, and social skills through music, song and dance. The children will work on gym mats performing exercises that strengthen muscle and develop flexibility.

Introduction Classes (Ages 5 & 6, Kindergarten Age)
This beginner level class has been designed for the student just starting dance or moving on from Preschool classes. Each 45 minute class will give the student to the chance to explore their chosen style of dance or dances. Students will learn the fundamentals of the the dance, and beginner technique will be learned.

Dance Company Performance Teams
We will be looking for students to join our dance company. Dance Company students and parents need to understand that company in a big commitment. Students will be chosen according to ability, enthusiasm and devotion. Attendance is mandatory.  Students will be competing in tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, acro and  hip-hop in various shows and competitions.