POUND is a 45-minute fun, functional and streamlined group fitness method that fuses the best strength training, Pilates, and cardio moves with the distraction of drumming. The use of Ripstix, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks (1/8 of a pound), challenges the body’s stability during each technique and uniquely targets and strengthens the core and deep infrastructural muscles. This allows participants to see, hear, and even feel results quickly. It is the only workout that puts you in charge of the music! POUND rivals the difficulty of an extreme bootcamp, the effectiveness of intense Pilates and the benefits of cardiovascular interval training but masks the anguish of all three with the feeling of rockin’ out. This workout can not only torch 600 – 900 calories per hour, but stress relief, weight loss, added strength and confidence are also the side effects of this exercise! Ripstix will be provided by the instructor but please bring clean footwear or come barefoot with your own yoga or pilates mat! Suggested footwear is clean soled aerobic sneakers FIT/FUS – Fitness focused class with a Fusion of music and styles